Nike 8

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As a Tester, you get paid to carry out fiscal market research and submit sample reports on the quality of our consumer products and service tested.


The goal of this survey is to evaluate the efficiency of the human resources of the Nike Store, CVS, and Walmart network across the U.S. given minimal supervision. So you’re to walk into a Walmart outlet carrying out your assignment as a normal customer would, not hinting at the fact that you’re a secret shopper/surveyor.


You earn $300 on each completed job plus free Nike Products. You will receive at least 2 surveys per week.


Consumers like you simply give us their opinions in order for companies to develop new products or services or improve on existing ones… And we pay you for your time and participation! It’s that simple, and it’s interesting, too. It is a fascinating business, but one that doesn’t work unless consumers like you are willing to participate.

Only job seekers who follow Ad guidelines would be considered for this position.

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